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Diamond - 30 Day Case Study

Ohhh Diamond! So Diamond lived next door to us. She arrived at my neighbors about 8 years ago now as a present for his young daughter. Unknowingly to them she arrived pregnant and had a baby a month later. The baby unfortunately was a cryptorchid and never got gelded. By the time he was five, he had become quite dangerous and we were able to find a home for him. So this left Diamond but herself, standing at the fence line gazing over at our horses. Last spring, she came to visit (on her own mind you) and my neighbor had asked if we could help find her a home. I told him at this point, she could stay here until that happened. I put her in a pasture by herself next to our other horses. His daughter had not heard the offer and came over to bring her home. Two days later I woke up and looked outside and there was Diamond standing in the backyard once again. After this visit, she stayed.

I believe she was quite shut down and when she started to come out of her shell, she proved to be quite the horse. Meaning she was a handful. I find her body type quite interesting. She needs to gain a lot of trust with us and I know this will take time. She is very worried when I take Tinsel out, so I am working on taking TInsel out in short increments so that Diamond is assured Tinsel will come back to her.

Overall Diamond is a very sweet horse and often the first one to come up to me in the pasture. This is where she is most comfortable with people, when she is still in the comfort of the other horses in the pasture. Her goals are entirely different than the other 2 horses. I don't have a long term plan for her at this time. My 30 day plan is continue to gain her trust outside of the pasture and hopefully start to make changes in her body. With her, my main goal needs to be that she feels safe in and out of the pasture.

As you can see her body could definitely use some help. I'm not sure what the next 30 days will bring, but I know she will always have a home here. She literally walked over and chose us.

This is her stopped in the arena. What do you see? What do you notice if you compare this photo with the one of her standing outside?

Two diamonds on her face. I'm excited to see where we will be in the next 30 days.

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