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They say some people are born with horses in their blood.  This was my case.  I talked about horses at a young age.  I only ever wanted a horse career.  My parents, who are non-horse people, could not imagine a career in horses, so off to college I went.  I got my BSN in nursing.  Horses became a second career when we opened Breezy Acres Stables in 2009.  I studied various forms of horsemanship  throughout the years.  I found my calling when I discovered Connected Riding and am working towards becoming a practitioner.  I am an equine massage therapy and working towards becoming certified in myofascial release.  In the end, having a degree in nursing has helped me to understand both human and equine anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics.  My goal is to help every horse and rider be more connected, balanced, and comfortable in their everyday life.  I offer bodywork, lessons, and clinics that support both the horse and rider.

About Me: About Me
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