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Buster - 30 Day Case Study

I am doing a 30 day case study on three different horses. Each horse is a different breed and brings its own unique past to the table. My goal with this 30 day study is to document how each horses changes not only his body but also emotionally and mentally. I want to challenge myself to dig deeper into understanding each horse and how I can best help them. I will be using a combination of magnawave, massage, sure foot pads, ace wraps and in-hand groundwork to help each horse find a healthier posture. My goal in helping them find a healthier posture is that this will also give them a healthier mental state. When we feel good in our body it affects our emotional state.

I plan on working with each horse 3-4 times per week. My goal is to do enough to make a positive change, but not do too much that is overwhelms their system. This is a healthy balance in our horsemanship. Do we push them a little more or do we stop here? It's a question I am always asking myself. I always want to put them back to pasture when they have something positive to process.

These are Buster's starting photos. I have marked certain areas that I found interesting. When looking at the body, we can see changes. I will be posting weekly updates here on each horse. If you have any questions about what you are seeing, please contribute.

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