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Welcome to our Website!

Breezy Acres Stables was established in 2009.  We are located in Oconto, WI. Since we opened, our goal has been to provide optimal care to both horse and rider.  I continue to learn and grow.  I have been blessed to have numerous mentors that have shaped my horsemanship.  My best teacher though has always been the horse.

I am a graduate of MNHA and certified in equine massage therapy.  After this course, it gave me yet another tool to offer to our equine friends.  

Equine anatomy has been a passion of mine for a while now.  I love learning about how the horse uses his body.  I love learning about how we can help the horse use his body better both on the ground and with us on their back.  I’ve been studying connected riding for ten years now.  That’s hard to believe!  I’ve also been studying with Debbie Davies for about six years.  It was because of Debbie that I began to study anatomy.  If I have an issue with a horse that I can’t quite figure out, I go to my anatomy books.

Massage therapy seemed like the next best step.  The connected work and massage therapy blend together beautifully!  Through massage, I can release tension and bracing patterns.  With connected groundwork, the horses can learn how to use their bodies with our guidance.  This will help the horses to not fall back into the same patterns that created the bracing and tension.  In addition, I am currently enrolled in myofascial release.  Another tool to add.  I have a list of courses that I would like to take.  The learning is so much fun, but I can only take one at a time.

Although I’ve been studying connected work for ten years, I am not yet a practitioner.  I take my third course this August.  These are intensive courses with a small group of individuals.  I look forward to them every summer.   Although I am not officially a practitioner, this work plays a very crucial role in my workshops and lessons.

I’ve created the website to have a better place for you to search for our services and upcoming events.  The blog page will have a new article each month.  This page will feature articles, before and after posts, and tidbits to help you connect with your horses.  There will also be monthly specials relating to workshops, massages, and lessons.  

We are excited for this new journey!!!  I have developed a new workshop called “Ground Poles and Posture, What to Expect”.  I am very excited about this workshop.  I don’t want to give too much away, but It will combine poles and obstacles to assist your horse in finding a weight bearing posture.  You will also learn what your horse is trying to tell you as you go through this workshop.  And you may learn a little about yourself…..

Please feel free to reach out to me about how we can be of service to you and your horse.  I do travel.  Contact me about hosting a clinic, a massage day, or a lesson day.

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